Global partnership for sustainable development.

Character Statement

We are a worldwide, borderless body of global minded https://thepaperwriting.com/ youths, clamoring for world peace through global partnership.


To build a formidable global movement of youths in global partnership
for sustainable development with the passion of changing the world.

Membership and Participants

Over 14,000 confirmed participants from 60+ countries till date.


A world with united youth, creative, innovative and in harmony towards the achievement of the Sustainable Goals.


18 projects (conference, summits, SDG workshops and humanitarian work) in 13 countries.


The United Youth Circuit, like many others began with a single idea, an idea for a future where every young person could advocate their thoughts and opinions. Started in early 2017, the UYC had a small congregation of inspirational young visionaries from about 20 different countries. Co-founded by Mr. Kako Johnson Mavalla and His Excellency Asutosh Pattanayak, the organization has grown multi-folds since then.

While creating the organization,  all members unanimously agreed on the goal to unite youth from all across the globe to form a network of like-minded individuals striving together to promote world peace and fulfil the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.

The UYC has been constructed on the foundation of the ambition and aspirations of many young minds who wish to see the world grow into a safer and better space for one and all. Even after almost 4 years of conception, the UYC remains true to its one goal and has never faltered to move towards it with utmost dedication.

The United Youth Circuit holds a number of events ranging from Model United Nation’s, international youth conferences to ministerial events. The very first conference held by the United Youth Circuit was in the Golden https://your-writers.net/ City of Amritsar,  India.  This event sent ripples all across the region with over 1500 delegates participating in the first of a kind youth conference.

Since then the United Youth Circuit has held over 15 different international conferences all across the globe with the participation of world leaders, ministers and celebrities,  bestowing their knowledge upon all young delegates. Few of the most notable conferences are – The Markaz Youth Conference held in Kerala in the presence of great minds like Mani Shankar Aiyer and Shashi Tharoor. This conference exposed a whole new section of young aspirants to the tutelage of the UYC and increased the UYC’s reach in the southern peninsula of India.


Another such notable conference is the World Youth Summit 2019, North Cyprus – the very first youth conference of its kind to be held on the beautiful island nation. The conference alongside the refreshing scenic complimented out thrust towards Africa and beyond while focusing education and empowerment.

One of the reason for such successful conferences is our belief in partnerships and collaborations which have been carried out with the European Parliament as well as the United Nations. We are also the proud partners of over 30 NGO’s and government entities of which The Ministry of Youth Liberia, Ministry of Youth South Africa, Ministry of Youth UAE are a few to be named.

Due to our strong affirmations and relentless endeavours in achieving our goals , the UYC has also been deemed to be the largest functional youth organisation in Asia and Middle East with over 10,000 members from over 70 countries and are ever expanding.

The United Youth Circuit takes pride in its transition from an idea to an entity that has worked as a mouth piece in bridging the gap between multinational organizations and the progressive ideologies of the youth. We believe in staying rooted to our goals but evolving in the way we approach them. This motto has allowed us to progress without losing sight of our one true vision.

We are positive that in the years to come, the UYC will grow and prosper into a sanctuary for global minded youth from all across the world, representing each and every youthful aspiration on a global pedestal.



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